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Massage Packages Available


Please see below for massage packages. When you purchase multiple sessions in advance, you receive a discount. Payment can be made at the front desk with check or cash (no credit cards).  I have a limited number of reduced fee appointments available for clients in need.  Please contact me for details.

Foggy Forest
Individual Massage Session

Come for an hour-long session tailored to you! Whether your goals are stress reduction and relaxation,  or pain relief for a specific area, I will respond to your wishes with strong, gentle hands and heart. Come let your body and mind say, "Ahhhhh!"  $100.

4 Session Package

The 4 session package allows you to get stress relief but also delve deeper with a specialized plan tailored to your needs. It's great for folks who want to use massage as a regular part of their self-care, or clients interested in releasing muscular holding patterns for ongoing relief. $380.


Pain Management Package

This 6 session package is for clients who have been living with chronic pain or discomfort. It allows us address underlying structural and nerve pathway imbalances to restore function and stimulate healing. This often leads to a decrease in daily pain. $555.


Monthly Bliss Package

This 12 session package is for clients who want to invest in a monthly session as part of their self-care.  Visits will be used once a month over the course of a year. This one is a great gift - to yourself or someone else - for frazzled executives, stressed moms and dads, or anyone who would enjoy a relaxing time away from daily responsibilites. $1080.



  • Stress Relief

  • Low Back Pain

  •  Chronic Pain Management

  • Neck Pain

  • Shoulder Pain, Frozen Shoulder

  • Sciatica caused by muscle tension

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