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A Good Massage

A good massage peels away layers of stress and tension from the mind and body, leaving you more relaxed and happy. I love creating this experience for my clients.


I also enjoy having an ongoing relationship with clients. As we build a personal connection, many clients reach a new level of relaxation and stress reduction, and get relief from chronic tension or pain.


Visit my client stories to see some examples of how clients get relief.


 I tailor each session to your preferences. Want softer, broader effleurage for the ultimate in full-body relaxation? You got it! Want me to dig in deep for a "hurts so good" release of muscle tension? I'm on it!  Listening to you and providing the kind of session YOU want is important to me.

Relax and 


Let's Talk!


​I encourage questions! Let's talk about your particular needs. Massage therapy involves a personal connection, and talking together can help us determine if this is the right fit for you. Click here for a free phone consultation.

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